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12/15/16 4s champs

Thanks to everyone who played the coed 4s tournament last night. 10 teams. Tons of new faces. Great competition. Thanks to everyone who stayed to play/ref/watch til the end Congrats to Mackenzie Carpenter Corey Cameron Matt Quinlan with the win! And DJ Hughes III, Alison Therese, Rich Porter and Nick Berry for runner up! Last […]

1/12/16 4s Winners!

Fun night last night in the Nashua Volleyball Club’s  5th coed 4s tourney this Winter! Congrats to Matt Quinlan, Carolyn Eddy and Sean Bishop for the win. And great job Thanh Vo, Lauren Andersen, Alex Morra, and Jia Li for taking second (and giving us a 25-23 match that could have gone either way). Next […]

2/22/16 Indoor 4s Winners

Thanks to all who played last night in the Nashua Volleyball Club’s RCO 4’s tournament! Nothing like getting in a tournament after work on a weekday. 60 players, 15 teams, 3 courts and awesome competition. Seriously good level volleyball. Congratulations to Rob Fromuth, Abby Rosen, Tiffany Williams, Steve Visentin for their tournament championship. Also a […]

2/28/16 Indoor 4s Winners

On Sunday, the Nashua Volleyball Club ran one of the better and more evenly competitive tourneys all year! Thanks to everyone who played the rco 4s tonight. Congrats to Courtney Collins, Zack Pindara, Riley Bunker and Drew Caruso for their win (their pic coming soon)! Nice job, Olivia Parkins, Jenn Duggan and Matt Quinlan for […]