2019 Tourney Schedule


New Hampshire Volleyball Club

2019 Sand and Grass Doubles Tournament Schedule


RCO: Reverse Coed – 1 male and 1 female on a team. Women’s height net. Men must hit from behind the 10′ line.

M/W – Men’s & Women’s. Each team will have same-gender players on it. Men’s will play on a men’s height net. Women’s division on a women’s height net.

ALL TOURNEYS TAKE PLACE at the Brookline Ball Field: 13 FRANCES DR. BROOKLINE, NH 03033

*All tournaments are played on Short Court EXCEPT RCO Grass, which is played on long court.

                                To register, go to www.avpamerica.com

Date FormatCostRegistration Link
Sun 5/19/19RCO Grass$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com/
Sat 5/25/19RCO Sand & RCO Grass$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com/
Sun 6/2/19M/W Grass 2's$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com/
Sat 6/15/19Pottstown Rehearsal: M/W 2's Sand & Grass & Coed 2's (Men's net)$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com/
Sat 6/22/19Sand & Grass RCO 2's$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com/
Sat 7/20/19GRASS RCO 2's$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com
Sat 7/27/19RCO Sand & Grass 2's$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com/
Sun 8/18/19RCO 2's Sand & Grass$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com/
Sun 9/1/19RCO 2's Sand & Grass$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com/
Sat 9/14/19RCO 2's Sand & Grasshttps://avpamerica.com/
Sun 9/29/19RCO Grass, M & W Sand$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com/
Sun 10/4/19RCO Grass, M & W Sand$60/Teamhttps://avpamerica.com/